San Sebastián (Spain)
It would not be an overstatement to say that the mouth of the River Urumea (San Sebastian, Spain) was the inspiration behind this work of architecture. Its designer turned his back on the obvious option of merely extending the urban reach of Zurriola Avenue and sought to reflect the character of the land itself and its particular geographical features. Out of this came two glass cubes, abstract masses in which to take in and hold all manner of events, part of the landscape, acutely aware of Mounts Urgull and Uría: like two gigantic beached rocks bowing down to the geography, each with a nod to those two imposing hills. It has to be mentioned that, for different reasons, the work is indebted to the Sydney opera house on the one hand and the work of sculptor Jorge Oteiza on the other.

Product: Beige Cenia
Finish: Honed
Architect: Rafael Moneo