Illa Diagonal

Barcelona (Spain)
In 1986 a restricted tender was put out for an urban development program on a large trapezoidal piece of land, bordered by the streets of Diagonal, Déu i Mata on one side and Numància and Pau Romeva on the other. The winning proposal was that submittedby the architects Rafael Moneo and Manuel de Solà-Morales. The strategy that dictated and guided the architects’ work was to exploit the potential of the main thoroughfare of Diagonal as the basis for architecture that could create the city. So instead of perceiving the land as an empty space on which to build a number of isolated towers and blocks with their own separate identity, it was thought of as a whole, like a plot built entirely on the Cerdà grid plan, even though it would be an oddity given the uniqueness of its shape, it could still be thought of as being another piece in the grid.It was also the intention to build along the length of the Diagonal so as to continue the urban fabric.

Product: Beige Cenia
Finish: Polished
Architect: Rafael Moneo and Manuel de Solá-Morales