Barques et du Cours Mirabeau

Narbonne (France)
The idea behind the project was to open up urban spaces that were blocked by artifacts that did not serve any purpose. It was also to bring out the intrinsic qualities of the location and restore it to a unified whole to make it an attractive place to spend time in. The convenient, wide yet slender promenade reconnects the old Sainte Catherine Bridge with Les Halles, in the same line of vision.The aim of the new promenade is to drive movement between businesses on the bridge and the eastern side of town. The removal of the old bridge brings the mercantile bridge, a landmark on the canal, into view. The different materials used, amongst them flamed finish Cenia Biege, brought together in the bare flat expanse, add to the unifying effect. More than 7000m² of FLAMED FINISH CENIA BIEGE has been used in this unique project in special paving and kerbs.

Product: Beige Cenia
Finish: Flamed
Architect: Passelac & Roques